Tuna Fishing - South Pacific - Agustyar

Sabtu, 21 November 2015

Tuna Fishing - South Pacific

Four different species of fishing in the tropical Pacific. These are Skipjack tuna, with some yellowfin tuna mixed in. But this boat is not setting nets, the ancient technique of fishing with rod and line is now practiced on the industrial scale. The water jet spray up the outline of the boat from below and mimic the noise and commotion of the bait fish when under attack. Meanwhile, live bait tuna fish is threw around the boat to keep tuna interested. It may look like a lot of effort for a few fish but this pole and line techniques of fishing can be surprisingly effective. Fishing for export is now a big business in the tropical pacific with tuna alone accounting for fourty times more fish than other fish caught by sub-system fishing. So is commercial fishing sustainable. Skipjack are the smallest and by far the most abundant tuna species in the pacific. Their rich majority in just a year and them spawn many times with the season. They sink to be the perfect catch as the number just keep bouncing back. 

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