Senin, 30 Desember 2019

Maybe, one of the characteristics of humans today: "Most serious, lack of laughter". Even though laughter is healthy, both for our body and soul.

Therefore, if I feel too serious, I look for ways to laugh.

Sometimes laughter is a kind of prayer. It contains several submissions.
Zero sum game

How much the happiness that you get, so open up the possibility of that great sadness that you will get.

Like an economic principle:  "Break even point".

Even though in the very positive thing, there is potential for being very negative.
Be Aware
Keeping your distance about happiness doesn't mean that you're not happy at all.

Just realize the consequence of being happy.  If you can manage your happiness, you can manage your sadness. 
If you let it excessive, definitely the sadness will be excessive.

It's not about wrong or right. Just know the consequences of your emotional. 

Minggu, 29 Desember 2019

When you feel alone, keep your mind in a good way. Don't blame anyone for this situation. Just trust your self that you can handle every condition in your life. 
Sometimes you can't handle it, in this situation you need something to do. Go outside of your room or your home. Play music about happiness. Go to the crowded place and just feel the air. Forget all of your problems, your loneliness, and your sadness. 

 "Your God is bigger than your problem. Don't worry, every problem has a way to solve it. You just should be strong like a rock in the mountain, like a coral in the sea. You deserve to get happiness in your life."

After your feelings become good, take a cup of hot chocolate (this is my way). Drink it slowly. Feel the bit and the smell. Yeah, let your mind becomes rilex

Every people has a problem. And sometimes, no ones will care about your problem. Only you, yeah only you that can understand. 

Is it selfish way to keep your problem by yourself? I think no. You have something to share with others, but you deserve to keep something. Depend on your priority. 

To everyone who reads this, just believe that life and fight is better than you give up. Even the pain always comes to you.