I am Back

I am Back

Long time no write a post in this blog, finally I am Back. The reason why I am not actively writing post is because I am bussy with my thesis and my job in laboratory all this time. Another reason is I don’t know what I want to write wkwkwk. Honestly I haven’t receive earnings from google adsense, but I don’t care about it. I write a post if I have a idea and I have a time. All this time, I haven’t both of them.

I am back with my pretension to initiate write a english post. Recently, I began learning English privately by my tutors.  I am studying English 3 times every week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I think that is not enough, so I write a english post in this blog to practice and inure with English. Maybe in the future, I will often do that (write English post).

My English is very bad, so please don’t bully me. Just give me an advice and critic my mistake, that is better. I want to write about everything that i do. Moreover, I am interesting to write about my story. I haven't thought about that so far, but I will definitely do it. I am sorry if my grammar so mess, thank you for reading this post and correcting my mistake.

Tyar with his laptop and google translate in his chrome tab.
"finally i am graduated"

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