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Back to Indonesia

Since the new coronavirus was separating in Wuhan, all the provinces in China have become frightening. Actually, I have a plan for this winter vacation.  I will go to Yantai, a city in Shandong province. My friend from Indonesia was living there. But, I canceled my plan due to the new coronavirus issue. This virus is too dangerous. The bad things are we don't have the vaccine yet, and the spreading of this virus is quite fast. 

Based on this situation, just stay at my dorm is a wise decision. yeah, I live in the dorm which is inside of the university. The university was concerned about this epidemic. They appeal to the Student to keep calm and take some preventative steps. We need to wash our hands frequently, use the N95 or surgical mask when we go outside, report our body temperature and don't be panic. 

I saw the number of diseases from some newsletter on we chat. They update the number every day, every hour and every minute. The number of victims was increased every day. 

Eventually, I have discussed with my friends from Indonesia who still stay in Qingdao. We must go back before everything gets worse. 

On 29 January 2020, we went to Indonesia. We used Asiana airlines which have routes: Qindao -> Seoul -> Jakarta. The price of the plane ticket is quite expensive, but we did not care about it. The airport has strict inspection for the passenger. They check the body temperature and we need to fill some questioners about the epidemic. 

After we arrived in Indonesia, We thought to quarantine ourselves for 14 days. Just to make sure that we are healthy, we didn't carry the viruses. That is our responsibility. 

During the quarantine time, I take some vitamins, eat healthy food, slept enough, and did the exercise every day. 

Alhamdulillah, we still healthy until now. We passed the quarantine time, we can do the activity normally. 

I never thought to back in Indonesia during this winter vacation. But now, I am in my beloved country.  Maybe this called "a blessing in disguise" ?. I don't know.  

I hope this epidemic will get better soon. Aamiin. 
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