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Kamis, 27 Februari 2020

Survive during the new coronavirus in China

Since the new coronavirus was spreading in China, the goverment in Shandong Province asked all people to stay at home. We must avoid to gather with other people to minimize the spreading of that virus. 

As an International student, We have an idea to make our self keep stay at dormitory. In room 110, jinhanyuan dormitory Indonesian and Thai students make an alliance. We cooked the food together in the morning and evening. We have lunch and dinner everyday. 

Sometimes the raw material like rice, vegetables and noodles were sold out. We need to buy outside the dormitory. We buy the raw material in some market at Qidong Road. The important thing before we went outside is "Safety first". Use mask, wash our hand by soap before and after went outside. 

For me, take a lunch and dinner together is a small thing which make our feeling stronger. Jinhanyuan 110 is assembly point for us to get a good food, good feeling, good conversation  during this epidemic. Based on this situation, I learned that:
"Survive is not about how much the food we have. More than that, keep our mental by establishing relationship with others are important." 

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