Marhaban ya Ramadan

Marhaban ya Ramadan

Ramadan is coming.
Ramadan is a very special event for Muslims, which has many kindness, and happiness. I have never thought this Ramadan will be at my home. I think I will complete this Ramadan in Qingdao. But it doesn’t matter. The important thing is I can get more quality time with every people in my home country. Maybe after I back to Qingdao, I will not back to my country until my study has finished.

Anyway, this Ramadan will be different than the previous year. Yeah, the situation of epidemic still growing up and people must stay at their home. Our government told us to pray at home and minimize activity that can be assembled by a lot of people. It’s okay, we must conduct the government said to make this situation better. Staying at home during Ramadan is not bad if we have something to do. Be productive even we feel hungry and lazy maybe too hard. But we must have something to do.   

I wonder how Muslims of Qingdao celebrate the Ramadan. Do they have Ramadan cultures like takjil or food? This big question has stayed in my mind when I see this photo from my phone:


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