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Jumat, 12 Juni 2020

Me against myself and try to be consistent

Sometimes I thought I am a useless person, that's why I am lazy to do productive things. The "useless" mindset is what makes me often fail to start good habits consistently. Sometimes I also blame the situation where I was already unproductive and made me more difficult to move. Hundreds of times I tried to change to the new habits, but in the end, I failed again.

Today, June 12, 2020, I learned a valuable lesson from watching a video on Youtube. A video that slapped me for allowing myself to be in this state. Continue to be in the comfort zone, always giving up through the process of changing and always blaming circumstances. I hate what He said in the video because that is true. The hard slap brought me to stand back again at the start point for the umpteenth time. 

Through this post, I am Tiar, 23 years old, will try as much as possible to start new things that make me more productive and change the mindset of "useless". I do not know this effort will be worked or will be to the list of my failures. I will try to start slowly until finally, it can be consistent. If I fail and I "GIVE UP", I deserve a slap physically and mentally. In the end, what I do is to counter myself and try to be consistent. good luck to me.

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