Go away

Go away

I realized that no one can stay in our life forever. Everyone just docked for a while. The truth of life is about how long we can be together, and how after that?. Separation is an absolute thing. We can't avoid that. Come and go is a normal thing as well. People come with happiness, then go by leaving sadness. After that, everything will run normally, even though the heart still feels the hurt. 

As time goes by, the wound in the heart will heal by itself. That sad moment was not forgotten, but the pain did not feel like the beginning. 

Every time when we are alone, the sadness maybe come back. It happens because of no one in our hearts. Abandoned or left? both of them have the same feeling, hurt, yeah only hurt. when that situation happens, just go away. Go away from your reality, go away from your social media, go away from your routine. You just need the time to heal up. 

I went far from home not to heal up

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