Day 8 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 8 #30DayWritingChallenge

What fascinates you about life and people around you?

The universe, from the microscopic life to the millions of galaxies, is what fascinates me about life. Of course, God is behind it all. I remember doing my final project as an undergraduate student. I investigated the enzyme activity of a bacteria that has the potential to be used in the future. The presence of the bacteria I studied made me realize that such a microscopic creature is very sensitive to the environment. The nutrition given has an impact on how they grow and produces enzymes.

Bacteria, the creatures that I can't even see with my eyes have helped me to complete the experiment so that I can graduate and get my bachelor's degree. The picture above is a bacterium that I have known since 2017. Serratia marcescens PT-6, we call it. They were isolated from one of the shrimp ponds sediment in Jogja, brought to the campus laboratory, grown, and observed how they produce enzymes due to the treatment of their environment. As I mentioned earlier, they are very sensitive. Trying to understand such a small creature is one of the most interesting experiences for me, It fascinates me about life.

About the people around me, I also feel something interesting. I was once in a very homogeneous-majority circle and I call that local life. Until a situation brought me as a minority with a very different and heterogeneous culture, that's when I was in global life.

It's very interesting to see people who come from different backgrounds, goals, and perspectives. They fight for what they believe in and love. Every person's life has an interesting story because they are the main character in their life. Difficult and happy, giving up and getting up, Crying and laughing, all come in one package. That's life. If you just got only one, then another one will come to you. 

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