Day 11 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 11 #30DayWritingChallenge

What is the biggest lesson you learned till now?

Life goes on, all the problems are endless. Suffering, but also learning to take lessons from every incident. There are many lessons I have learned so far, especially during this pandemic. Some I wrote below:


Enjoy life

A simple thing that shows that we are grateful for life is to enjoy it. Since the pandemic took place, many lives have been lost by them. We forget how to enjoy life in peace. There are many ways to enjoy life. Living simply is a way of enjoying life. There's no need to be jealous of people's achievements, and try to live life as casually as possible. Just make yourself happy like going to the beach, reading a book, or enjoying your favorite food.


Stand alone

Everyone who comes alive will not last forever. Time will select them, whether to stay or leave our lives. Accepting the fact that some of them are no longer with us is a valuable lesson. Standing alone is not a bad thing when everything will disappear and leave. Of course in life, there are times when we have to do everything alone. A difficult thing, but time will make you get used to it.


Don't regret too much

Every life decision made today will determine what will happen in the future. As humans, some of the decisions we make will not always go well. Mistakes after mistakes make us sometimes regret it in the future. That is a natural thing in my opinion. But there is one thing we need to remember, life goes on, we can't change the past, All we can do is try to fix it today so it doesn't get worse in the future. Stop feeling overly regretful, it won't change anything, trust me.


Don't be too much to respond to an issue

Before involving ourselves in an issue, double-checking the truth of the facts is something we need to do. Get in the habit of cross-checking before giving an opinion. The adage that "silence is gold" is still relevant now. Do not be too quick to respond to issues without us knowing what really happened in full. Prevent to makes us look stupid from an issue that possibly fools us easily. Be patient, and also be smart.


Don't be too fanatical about something

Too much of anything is never good for our lives. Like being too excessive in liking something or can be called a fanatic. Fanaticism is very blinding, biasing us in some ways. Until one day, that fanaticism makes us look so stupid.


Most of the things I have learned in life are about controlling myself. About not overdoing it in any way. Act appropriately, and keep my expectations on a safe line. Focus only on what I can control, not others.

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