Day 12 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 12 #30DayWritingChallenge

Write a letter to a close friend that you lost contact with

A bit confused to write this topic because I don’t think I had lost contact with my close friend. If we are so close, we will have a conversation, whatever it is. So, if someone feels we don’t contact or talk anymore, maybe we are not too close. 

Moreover, the close-friend term is not relevant at this time. I, at my quarter-life crisis phase, haven’t had contact with many of my old friends, just a bit. We live in different situations, places, and aims. To be honest, I am still confused about the definition of ‘Close Friend’. Are they always contact you every day? Or you tell the problem each other? Just how? If a close friend is someone that always talk or chat with you almost every day, and you tell every problem include the personal problem, I don’t think I have something called a close friend, at least for now. 

As I mention on the Day 10 or Day 11 Post, People come and go, so do friends. But yeah, I have something to say to them. 

For my close friend in the past, I wish you have a good life, be happy, and be proud of your life. Where ever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope everything will be fine. In the past, we felt that we are the best. Now we just doing life in each other's way. Someday, if we meet inadvertent, I will greet you. so don't ignore me, please. If sometimes you need my help, please tell me. Don't hesitate, I'll help if I can. maybe we haven't been in contact for long, but I still think of you as a character in the series of my life.

I have no idea to write a proper letter for them. It’s not easy to express your feelings in a letter. I have great respect for people who can express their feeling in a letter. quite difficult to write things about friendship for me. maybe because right now I feel like I don't have a friend to talk with. I've been spending a lot of time alone lately. Not many friends suddenly asked how I was. But I'm perfectly fine. 

Even if some of my friends only come when they need something, I'm very happy because I am very happy because they think I can help them. I'm not a person who can help anything, but if I really have the ability for it, I will help them. Friends don't last forever, but helping people is something we can do forever, regardless of whether they consider us friends or not. Humans will always depend on others.

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