Day 14 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 14 #30DayWritingChallenge

Write your goals for the next 1 month

Writing about the goals for the next 1 month is simpler than writing the long-term goals. The next 1-month goals are similar to “what-to-do lists”. I have no grandiose goals for next month, some of them are very simple. So, here are my next 1-month goals (I hope it can be done smoothly).


 Finished my laboratory experiment

This goal is my priority for now. I started my laboratory experiment with several problems at the beginning. There are many problems such as the method, materials, and laboratory regulator. I will very happy if I can finish it for next month. But yeah, I have to manage my expectation too. Sometimes, everything doesn't happen as I want. Besides that, I also hope that I can start to write my manuscript.


Drive smoothly

I have learned at driving school for 1 week (since I write this post). A bit late for me to learn to drive a car but it’s always better for late than never. I have practiced driving for about 6 hours and still need more practice. For me, it’s not easy to drive a car, I have to feel the whole car like it’s my body. Actually, I have no plan to learn at a driving school, but my mom asked me for that. And I think it’s a good decision.


Be ready for IELTS

I plan for taking an IELTS next 2 months. My preparation is not good enough. I just study by myself, autodidact. I don't have much money for taking a private lesson, especially the IELTS preparation lesson. I learned from a book and YouTube videos. Also, the reason why my #30DayWritingChallenge is written in English is because of that IELTS preparation. I started to write #30DayWritingChallenge in Bahasa at the beginning, but on day 3 (if I am not mistaken), I decided to write the remaining posts in English. I hope it will help me for IELTS, at least I can recall some vocabulary before the test. I am not using English for a long time, so this #30DayWritingChallenge should help me.


Read 1 or 2 books.

It’s been a long time for me to read books. I have my own library on IPAD. There are many books I want to read. Hopefully, I can finish 1 or 2 books next month. Reading is a window to the world, I definitely agree with that. I don’t want to make my brain empty or only fill it with useless things. So yeah, I will start to read again and hope it will be consistent.




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