Day 15 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 15 #30DayWritingChallenge

Write about your pet or write about a pet you always wanted

3 months ago, a pregnant cat came to my house looking for food. As a cat lover, I buy some cat foods. Every morning, she comes to my house and I gave her food. The cat was a coward at the beginning, but as time goes by, she became a tame cat. A month later, she came to my house with 2 cute kittens. A male and a female kitten. The male kitten has a black and white color with Long-haired, while the female kitten has white, black, and orange color but the hair is shorter.


The kittens are very scared of me, they always feel insecure when I came closer. I don’t know why. They always hiss like they want to pounce on me. I decided to keep them at home (with their mother too). A day by day, they became more relaxed and convenient with me. They explore from corner to corner of the house. Finally, after 2 months they fully feel like this is their home and me as their friend.


I gave the name Winter for the male kitten, and Summer for the female kitten. I think it’s defined how they look, and they are always together just like Winter and Summer (you can see the thumbnail of this post).


They love to massage my feet, maybe there is something they want behind it.

Summer is very comfortable on my feet when I'm cross-legged. She also loves to hide in a crackle bag.

They are inseparable in any way

Having cats make me not feel lonely. I can chat with them, though they don't even understand either. but at least some of my quirks can come out. Even though they always make problems, I don’t mind their mischief. Their existence is enough to comfort me when lonely.

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