Day 16 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 16 #30DayWritingChallenge

You are allowed to change one thing in your life. What will it be?

When I was a junior high school, I got a bad experience learning English. I can’t answer the teacher’s question and all of my classmates laughed at that. It makes me less interested in learning English. As the result, I am being a student who has the worst English skills. My vocabularies are limited, I don’t know about grammar, also I got a bad grade for the English course. 

If I’m allowed to change one thing in my life, it would be my mentality when I was a Junior High School Student. I want to be a boy who has the ability not to give a F*ck about what people say. So that I can still learn English when people laugh at my mistakes. Currently, I think my English is not good enough. I have to learn English harder than before. But I’m blessed that even now I feel more and more interested to learn English. 

At that time, I also got some bullying from my classmates at the time. It makes me feel not confident and I’m just being like an ordinary student. Always hiding my skill, my interest, my expression in the public. I’m scared to be a center of attention. If I have a strong mentality, maybe I can fight back from that bullying and can be a person whatever I want. The mentality when I was in Junior High School is one thing that I want to change. 

I believe that what I got in the past will sharpen me in the future. But I’ll always bless for everything that happened in the past. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, it is just normal life. 

nb: The thumbnail photo of this post is of me with my friends who both love Persija.

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