Day 17 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 17 #30DayWritingChallenge

Imagine yourself stranded alone in an unknown land. How does it look?

I’ve watched some movies about being stranded alone in an unknown land. It’s affected me to prepare the bad possibilities if I’m in that position. From YouTube, I watched videos about survival, how to keep safe in an unknown place, how to cook food from nature, how to make a fire, how to make a shelter, how to find freshwater, etc. I don’t know how bad the circumstance that maybe I will face, so that preparation I can do something.


On day 1, I find anything I can eat and drink. Just explore the land and find out anything that maybe can help me. Before night, I should find out a place for me to rest and sleep. That place is an island with a lot of coconut trees and white sand. I’m used to be living alone, so day 1 is not a problem for me.


The next day, I wake up as morning as I can. Explore the island and leave a mark that prevents me from getting lost. Hopefully, I found something that matters for my life there. To survive in an unknown land, I have to keep calm and be positive thinking. Every problem can be solved if we think calmer and be optimistic. Yeah, Finally I got some materials for my dinner, some vegetable and fish. I tried to light a fire with dry twigs that I had collected. After 3 hours of trying and my hands were scratched, the fire finally lit up. On the third day, I felt quite relieved and optimistic that I could survive for a few days.


After a week in that unknown land, finally, I realized that living alone on an island was indeed very unpleasant. I started to panic and looked for a way to get out of that place. I lit a fire and burned some tree branches, hoping that a ship would pass by and notice me. However, everything didn't go according to my plan. I feel very sad, very stressed and don't know what to do. The situation got worse, due to the fire that I lit, inviting some strange creatures, it looks like it's walking corpses, zombies. I screamed, then I tried to bite my hand. I transformed into a titan with 15 meters of height. I beat all the zombies, then I swam across the ocean. But I forgot that I can't swim, even though I became a 15-meter titan, I ended up drifting into the deep sea. I woke up with my human body, I arrived at an island, which is called "paradise". That's where my story begins. to be continued. - Attack on titan chapter 0.5.

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