Day 19 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 19 #30DayWritingChallenge

Your long-forgotten hobby

A person will grow with their hobbies. But not all the hobbies that we pursue from the beginning will continue to be done. There will be a time when we eliminate those hobbies. The Rubik's cubes, Football/futsal, playing games, reading books, and writing is my hobbies that have survived until now. Here is a list of my long-forgotten hobby:



When I was in Elementary School, my notebook cover is filled with my doodles and drawings. I love to draw some characters from the Sunday tv of anime. Dragon Ball, Naruto, Doraemon, and other characters were becoming my favorite to draw. This hobby still continued until my last year in Junior High School. My math teacher scolded me for the drawings I made in my notebook. My mentality goes down and then doesn't do that fun thing anymore.


Collecting magazine

One day in my childhood memory, my father bought me a kid's magazine named “Bobo”. This magazine was published a week (if I’m not mistaken). The design of this magazine was iconic, a rabbit with his friends and family. Bobo magazine made me love to read and write short stories. After I become a teenager, I still do collect magazines specifically Gadget magazines and Football magazines. This hobby ended when I started getting to know the internet. The internet allows me to access the information that I need. Also, I can read digital magazines, save them and print some of the pictures I like on my printer device.


Collecting toys

Most of my pocket money when I was in elementary school was spent on buying various types of toys. A seller of a toy store even knows me very well, because I always come to that toy store almost every day. Of course, my parents sometimes get angry because of the many toys I buy. This hobby disappeared when I played outside with my friends more often than my toys. At this point, I realized, having friends is more fun than just playing with my toys at home.

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