Day 20 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 20 #30DayWritingChallenge

How is your life today? Write three good things and three areas of improvement

Monday is the start point of the week. Many people hate Monday, but for me, this day determines my mood for the week. If we start with a good thing on Monday, the whole week should be fine. 

The day started when I was woken up by a kitten scratching my paw. He woke me up just in time for the call to prayer at dawn. Maybe because he was hungry too, I finally got up and fed him. But it's a good thing I started in today, wake up early. So, if I have to write today’s three good things they should be:
1. Woke up earlier
2. Finished my progress report
3. Learning English and Chinese consistently

 For the three areas of improvement? Let me write it down:
1. I skipped breakfast. It’s not good for stomach health, but I did it again and again. I don’t know, I feel like I will eat only when I am really hungry. This is a bad habit, I know.  I should be more disciplined about eating time. I hope it can be improved for another day.

2. E-football 2021. Yes, this game takes up a lot of my time, especially on Monday and Friday. There are match day events on Monday and Friday so that I can get more coins. I can’t ignore the notification of this game and I was influenced to play it. Next time, I have to make sure that my task is done, then I can play it. My time management is too flexible or maybe I just can’t handle it better. 

3. Order online food. I feel like I'm ordering food online too much lately even though I can cook in the kitchen. I need to get rid of my laziness to cook, just a simple food is enough for me actually. My cooking skill should be drilled. Okay, I'll start trying to cook again.

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