Day 24 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 24 #30DayWritingChallenge

What are the three things you are unable to let go of?

Today's topic seems somewhat similar to day 3's topic. 3 things I can't leave behind? This question is a bit ambiguous because it can be a good thing or a bad thing. hmm ok, I will try to answer it.

drinking coffee

Yes, a thing that seems to be difficult for me to leave at least for now. Coffee has become my favorite drink because it is not only about taste but coffee also gives me the energy to conquer a day. When I am faced with a busy day of activity, coffee becomes a must before I start the day. For some reason, it feels like the energy I spend is not maximal when I don't drink coffee. I had tried to stop drinking coffee, but in the end, I came back again. At first, I often drank instant coffee which tasted quite sweet, but now that I have come, I prefer coffee without sugar. The bitter taste of coffee seems to be quite friendly to my tongue.

Planning something

I am one of those people who always plan things as well as possible before doing anything. I did this because of several failures that I experienced in the past. Almost all of these failures are due to a lack of good planning. Since I started planning the things I want to do, the potential for failure can be minimized to a very small point. Indeed, humans can only plan and God determines. But for me, making a plan affects my confidence level. In addition, I can manage expectations from the plans I make. I disagree with the opinion that habitual planning is associated with psychopathy. Too stupid to conclude such a thing. Humans are created with reason, concluding that planners are similar to psychopaths is a form of laziness in thinking.

Not ignoring people

It's hard not to really care what people say about us. I always try to ignore it, but sometimes it's hard to control. I often think about what that person said to me. Maybe it's really hard to ignore people. Either I care too much about it, or because it's an important person to me. When what is said is good it is certainly not a problem, but if what is given is an insult, it is very difficult to ignore it. In addition, I also find it difficult to refuse a friend's request when they want to ask for help. Sometimes people come to greet me just for their purposes such as borrowing money, and I find it hard to ignore them.
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