Day 25 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 25 #30DayWritingChallenge

What is the first wish you want to make if you are granted three wishes?

Without a doubt, I would expect a house. It's a wish that I really want to come true someday, and when I was given a choice I would choose a house as my first request. House is the place where I stay most of the time. I rarely go outside and prefer to be indoors on weekends or holidays.

I envision a house that has a large backyard for me to garden vegetables and raises fish in the pond. For me, the house does not have to be large, but every corner can be filled by the warmth of its inhabitants. I am also thinking about a room in the house where I keep my collection of books (mini library) which I will also use as a workplace at home.

The kitchen is also a part of the house that is a focus for me. It doesn't have to be a luxurious marble kitchen, just a simple kitchen but has complete cooking utensils. I can cook anything in the kitchen. Experimenting with making food in the kitchen will be a lot more fun.

The location of the house is in the countryside but also not too far from the city. Being at home in a position where our bodies relax, city noise should be avoided. However, access to the city is also not too far. At most 30 minutes drive to get to town. I also like to keep cats indoors, so it might take some space for my cats to play.
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