Day 29 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 29 #30DayWritingChallenge

Who and what adds meaning to your life?

Everyone is the main character in his life. God acts as a director, and there are other supporting characters who act as supporters of the main players. In addition, there are also other characters who create conflicts so that the storyline becomes more complicated and interesting. All of them have their respective roles and portions.

For me, the people who add meaning to my life are all those I have ever been with and interacted with. Even if only for a short period of time. Of course, I totally agree with the quote that "everyone in our lives will keep coming and going". As a human, being left behind is something that will definitely be experienced during life. Until in the end, we will leave that life. Abandoned and left is something that is absolute and we can't avoid it.

So who? the biggest persons in adding meaning to my life are my parents. Not only did they pass on the genetic material to me, but they also passed down most of the values ​​they believed to be instilled into my character. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, something like that.

I also consider everyone who has ever participated in the course of my life. All those people if I write in this post will make the number of words in this post greater than all words in the posts I have ever written. 

Besides, what things add meaning to my life? very philosophical question. I think, as far as I have lived until now, what adds meaning to my life is my dream. My life is running on the basis of getting to my dreams. Everything I faced, the obstacles I went through and all the traps of life that hurt me were part of my dream. Then, what is my dream?  sorry, it's only me and god know. I'm not the person who writes down the dreams on a public platform, I'm just afraid it will become a burden for me. But, my dream will never disappear from my head, every day I always think about it. That's why it gave meaning to me, to this day.
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