Day 3 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 3 #30DayWritingChallenge

What are the three most important things you cannot live without?


This topic makes me think for a while. There are no things I cannot live without. Even if there is, maybe I will also get used to it (if I don't have it). Looks quite arrogant, doesn't it haha. It's hard for me to decide, but here we go. There is the list.


1. My Phone

I bet most of you that read this will think the same thing. Nowadays, the smartphone has just like a human organ. If we lost the smartphone, then the problem will come. Difficult to connect with friends, can't use online transportation, can't capture moments, can't buy food online, etc. Even for business communication, a smartphone is a very important tool. Without it, everything would be in trouble.

Like a human organ, if we lost it, the metabolism will be disorderly affected. So are smartphones. Sometimes, I want to live like before I was addicted to the smartphone. The normal life: sensitive to the environment, socializing with nature, and not being an overthinker. Though I know, that kind of thing is hard to come true. For sure. I hate to say it, but smartphones are so important to me and maybe you are too.


2. Water

Have you ever heard how much water is in the human body? Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Because of that fact, a mind-blowing flirt conversation appears, like this:

Boy: “Hey, do you like water?”

Girl: “Yeah...”

Boy: ”Good, then you already like 60% of me, ;-)”

Anyways, I'd rather not eat food than not drink water. I could go all day without eating and it would be fine. But if I don't drink some water, I can become dehydrated and possibly die. I've been feeling sluggish lately. It's because I just don't drink enough water. Such a valuable lesson that not drinking enough water messes up my life, that's why it's hard for me to live without it.


3. Mask

I would never have considered masks an important thing before this damn covid appeared. Masks are like things that blend with my face. In my subconscious, I will always take a mask before opening the door of the house.

This is one of the behaviors formed as a result of the damn pandemic. Not a bad thing, I feel less sick with flu or sore throat since I used to wear a mask. At the beginning of the pandemic, masks became the most sought items and were used by some people to make a profit. But now it's very affordable and easy to get.

Even though the pandemic will end, it seems that the habit of wearing masks will become a part of me. There are too many benefits that are felt than just preventing covid.


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