Day 4 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 4 #30DayWritingChallenge

Are you early or nocturnal? Write the pros and cons of being one


Well, I seem to have spent a third of my life being nocturnal. It's not without reason that I did it, but I think that doing activities at night allows me to increase my thinking ability much better. 

I started being nocturnal when I was in my 2nd year of high school. At that time I was having fun learning HTML for this blog. I even didn't sleep until morning, then went to school with a face like a zombie and almost fell asleep in class. This made me less focused in class.

This habit continued until I was in college. I like to do assignments or reports after 1 pm. It feels quieter, easier to get the concentration, and I can finish everything in just one night. Because of this nocturnal habit, I also became fond of coffee.

So, what are the pros and cons of being nocturnal?


  • Total silence, I can easily concentrate.
  • No distractions, all the people are asleep.
  • I get lots of time to spend in solitude (which I find peaceful).
  • Lots of time to ponder.


  • Difficult to start activities in the morning 
  • Several studies have shown that staying up late will have a negative impact on emotions, cognitive abilities, and brain function
  • Health risks such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure
  • Wake up to noon

Honestly, I'm not a pure nocturnal.  I am flexible to all conditions. Sometimes if I have to do morning activities, I will try my best to go to bed early. But I prefer to work at night for the reasons I've explained.

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