Day 5 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 5 #30DayWritingChallenge

Write about your most interesting day of the past year 

My past year's life was like roller coasters. Very hard to imagine day by day I've passed. I hope that was the bottom of my life and never be lower that position again. Most feelings of the past year were sad and desperate. So, I don't know how to write about the most interesting day of the past year. Covid was becoming worse at the time. Also, I can not do anything for my study.


But I have a day that I can forget my problems for a while. The day at Sadeng beach, maybe it will be the most interesting day of last year for me. I was so excited at that time because the last time I went to Sadeng Beach was in 2018 (3 years ago).


Sadeng Beach is a Fish port located at Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. There is a lot of fishing boats and traditional fresh-fish market.  With my friends, I went to Sadeng by motorbike. We arrived at Sadeng at 9 AM when the fishing boats lifted catches on land. The scenery was interesting, I can see the joy of fishermen with lots of fish.  We took some beautiful photos of that beach and the port activities.

We bought some fresh Tuna for takeaway. The seller is very welcoming us, they also gave ices to maintain the freshness of the fish during the return trip. Then, when we arrived at home, the fish is washed and grilled with some barbecue seasoning. That was a very delicious dish of the year for me. The smoky flavor, the juice texture, and the barbecue seasoning were unforgettable.

That day made me very satisfied. My eyes were refreshed by the beautiful scenery of Sadeng beach. My tongue enjoyed the delicious fish dishes. Such an interesting day in 2021 (so far).  

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