Day 6 #30DayWritingChallenge

Day 6 #30DayWritingChallenge

Write ten things you love regarding yourself

I feel like I'm in a job interview because I have to write down what I like about myself. Honestly, I'm not too narcissistic to write it on this blog, but okay I will.


On-time. I really hate waiting, that's why I always try to always be on time for any activity. Usually, I will stand by a maximum of 15 minutes before the event starts, or if there is an urgent need I will inform them about it.


Perfectionist. Making things as good as possible is something I always strive for. As much as possible there are no small mistakes that will make my work look bad. Because of this, I often edit posts on this blog which I have even published. Sometimes I only notice a typo after publishing my writing, but I will definitely edit it right then and there.


Planner. My perfectionist habit makes me have to do things in an organized and planned manner. Even for every important thing, I will plan it as well as possible. For example, when I am going to do a presentation, I will even make a script for the presentation, then practice reading and memorizing and see how long it will take me to finish the presentation. For me planning something is a must to be able to minimize mistakes and be able to finish them successfully.


Be patient. Of course, being patient here is in a different context from my thought which doesn't like to wait. For me, patience is the attitude of not giving up easily to do something until it succeeds. Repeating things that are considered failures until they are successful, refraining from giving up quickly, and not including emotions in completing them.


Honest. It is better to swallow a bitter truth than a sweet lie. I prefer to say it as it is, so as not to cause problems in the future.


Simple/Minimalist. The minimalist concept is a brilliant thing in my opinion. Like the appearance of this blog, which I made as simple as possible so that it has faster loading time and responsiveness. But I also do not forget the aesthetic element. I like things that are simple, minimalistic, and functional. When I'm going to buy some items, I will think about their function, not their prestige.


Risk-taker. On several occasions, I made a decision that had a big enough risk. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. But a failure has not made me change not to take the risks in the future.


Calculation. Of course, this relates to me as a risk-taker. Every decision I will make will go through calculations. I will calculate all the worst possibilities so that I can manage my expectations and restore mentality when it ends up failing.


Sportsmanship. I hate losing, but I hate cheating more.


Flexible. Doing an activity flexibly is one of my abilities. For example, when I have free time, I will use it to play games or write. For me, taking advantage of that time should be flexible, not rigid. An example of my flexibility is when someone asked me to go somewhere and I have time for it, then I will go.


It's quite difficult to write things about myself because for me it's not to be shown to the public, it's better to show it for a job interview.

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