Hi, I am back again

Hi, I am back again

I don't know how long I've been leaving this blog. Don't worry, this blog isn't being hacked, I'm just having trouble managing my time and expressing ideas. So many deadlines for my final examination. Besides, I feel like, I have no passion for writing this blog. 

However, I am back again, trying to start my writing habits here. 

Actually, I don't know what should I write to start this. But I think I will give some updates about my current life. Ok, let's get it started. 

Firstly, I got my article manuscript approved by a journal. I am so happy and a bit relieved although the journal is not my main target. But I think that was the most I could do with this predicament. So, I am just grateful for that. 

Currently, I am focused on the preparation of my oral examination. There is some problem, over and over again. I can't explain the detail, but it's drained my energy too much. This phase will be the tough moment this year, yet I am grateful that I finally have a partner who is enough to make me think positively. So I think everything gonna be alright.

That is my recent update, I hope my following writing will be better and more content than this one. But this is my start, and hopefully, I will keep going.


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